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Pride Rides

About Us

Our Mission

Pride Rides Wisconsin (PRW) is a 501c.3 non-profit social and educational organization that provides a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ-friendly motorcycle riders to participate in group rides together. Events organized by PRW typically benefit or raise awareness of other charitable causes within the LGBTQ+ community.

Many LGBTQ+ motorcycle riders within our community don't feel welcome or accepted within traditional riding groups or clubs. That's why we founded Pride Rides - to give LGBTQ+ bikers and their Allies a safe setting to be free, and ride proud.

Anyone who attends our events can call themselves a member. We do not require "applications" or "prospecting"  - we are an open community. All people (and of course, all makes of bikes!) are welcome.


Pride Rides Wisconsin was formed in 2018, after the first Ride With Pride event organized by founder, Cormac Kehoe, as a partnership with Milwaukee Pride. Having experienced what an amazing event that was, co-founders Ed Zamora, Matt Fitzgerald, and Ursus Torrente met with Cormac to discuss the idea of having a motorcycle group that met up throughout the year to keep up the same energy of Ride With Pride. The motorcycle community at large is rife with homophobia and hyper-masculinity. They saw the need for a group that could give LGBTQ+ riders a space to enjoy their hobby without feeling like they needed to hide who they were. A space where they could be safe, and free. Thus, Pride Rides Wisconsin was born.

Our Board

president - ed [crop].jpg


Ed Zamora

vice pres - adrian [crop].jpg

Vice President

Adrian Wade

treasurer - jeff [crop].jpg


Jeff McKay

secretary - kristina [crop].jpg


Kristina Welm

road captain - mike [crop].jpg

Road Captain

Mike Beranek

webmaster - matt [crop].jpg


Matt Fitzgerald


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We are always looking for members who want to step up and take an active role with the group! If you're interested in joining our voting membership, you'll need a back patch. We do not require annual dues -  the cost of your patch is considered your registration fee. You can order a patch online in our Square Store, as well as various other nifty patches, pins, t-shirts, and more!

Join our team

If you are interested in becoming an Officer, or participating in a ride planning committee, please let us know! Officers are elected by the membership every two years, and we are always open to event ideas.

You can read our Constitution and Bylaws here. Meetings are held about once a month.

Support Our Mission

All contributions directly support Pride Rides Wisconsin, and go towards our operational expenses. Your generous support helps keep PRW rolling on into the future!

Email List
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